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I watched this Frontline piece the night it dropped. I HIGHLY recommend it. You can probably watch it free on 

Documenting Hate is a remarkable piece of reporting, and a good reminder as to why we must, must, MUST have a robust free press.

11 minutes long but worth it

I will also say that while it’s important for journalists to cover these groups accurately as hate groups, it is NOT important for civilians to try to engage in “dialogue” with white supremacists “to see what their problem is.”

Fascism needs dialogue to try to validate itself as a legit opinion or political choice. No. I do not tolerate intolerance.

These people are not seeking answers; they enjoy and are committed to perpetrating racist violence. They are not confused or misguided; they are well-informed, consenting, zealous bigots. Education is not the issue. Dialogue will only reinforce the fallacious belief that white supremacy is worthy of debate, and it’s fucking not.

You wouldn’t try to “come to the table” with a child molestor who traveled from state to state going to the zoos and the public pools. You wouldn’t “have a heart-to-heart” with your neighbor who poisons dogs on your block. Because it’s wrong.

Notice that it’s easy for us to think unequivocally when we’re talking about someone hurting children or animals.

But it can be uncomfortable to give the same clear, forceful NO when we’re talking about someone who wants to kill people of color, or someone who had killed or beaten black people and people of color.

If you watch this clip and your first instinct is to criticize the consequences, make excuses for or try to save these white supremacists, recognize that right now, you are more comfortable cooperating with white supremacy than you are in conflict with it.

We all start there, because this is America and it’s in the air we breathe. But you don’t have to stay there.

Conflict with white supremacy.
Conflict hard.
Reject white supremacy.
Do not debate white supremacists. Do not invite them to the table. Because even if you’re trying to save them, you’re still feeding them, too. No. Say it with me: no. Say it louder.

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