new page is imminent... hold onto your butts!

Hi hi hi!

I'm writing here so if you've subscribed to KatyKatiKate but don't follow my social media, you'll get this update straight up your inbox (#notaninnuendo #unlessyouwantittobe).

The blog facelift process took a lot longer than I anticipated and that is 100% my fault.

When we transferred the blogs from this platform to the new one, I had to go through and completely reformat, retag, and recategorize every single post.

Just for a glimpse of what that looked like, you should know that every time I used italics, bullets, a gif, or an image, additional line breaks appeared as if by the hand of the devil himself.

So a line that originally looked like this?

Would have looked like this:

So a line that originally


like this?

NBD, right?

OK but I love italics almost as much as I love bullet points, gifs, and jpgs, and I have about 800 posts.

That was a shitload of backspacing, let me tell you. And yo, half of that was on a LAPTOP so I was trackpadding like a motherfucker.

I love this blog and I love you and I LOVE GIN so normally I would just pour myself a G&T, pop on Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" on repeat, and reformat straight through until I either went insane or was fucking done.

But now I've got a weekly show on The Young Turks (Smart Mouth!) and I'm learning how to, you know, convincingly appear human in front of a camera, and I'm developing exactly 44 minutes of kickass, topical, nuanced, funny content every week which means I spend about 44 hours learning about whatever the fuck is going on. ASK ME ABOUT BRETT KAVANAUGH. ASK ME, MOTHERFUCKERS. I KNOW ALL OF THE THINGS.

Please believe that I'm not complaining because this is exciting as hell, it's just that's why it was hard to make time to sit down and fucking backspace.

When I originally wrote the facelift post, I pointed readers to my Facebook and Twitter to get their KatyKatiKate fixes. I've been working really hard to share interesting stories, give fresh takes, host kickass gif parties, and ask important questions over on social media while this blog has been rejuvenated.

And thank you. Thank you for your patience. Thank you so much for sticking with me, especially because I know a lot of you are very new to my work.

Please email, PM or DM me if you have any questions. The new blog has format DONE, fonts PICKED, logo IN PLACE, PAGES built, and is getting its final images locked down and I'm hoping to get my ass trained on that shit in the next week.

I miss this blog. I miss it so much. I miss writing 3,000-word pieces that are chock full of obscure movie references and so many profanities. I can't wait to start writing for you again.


Talk soon.



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