Hi, I'm Katie.

This is where I talk about family, feminism, and other f-words.

I have 2 boys.
Chicken is 5. Buster is 3.
No, those aren't their real names.
No, we don't have any pets.
Between the children, my marriage, and my dignity, I have enough things to keep alive.

This is not a blog about the right way or the wrong way to do anything.

This is a blog about giving a thousand shits, swearing too much, having your back, trusting your gut, holding on tight, and making a big fat mess of it all.

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Feminist Werewolf
A collection of stories
100% of proceeds go to RAINN
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Scary Mommy
The Big Smoke

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Mouthy Messy Mandatory

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KUOW: The Record
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  1. I heard you on NPR today - excellent interview! Thank you.